Mr Saccardo – ‘Marching’ (Feat. Bethany Lamb and Elle Ray)

Mr Saccardo – ‘Marching’ (Feat. Bethany Lamb and Elle Ray)

Mr Saccardo has teamed up with Bethany Lamb and Elle Ray for this little slice of electropop heaven. Speaking about the track on Soundcloud, Saccardo said:

“Life is not easy, and is not meant to be. But we must remember that we’re are not alone on this planet. Our friendships make us stronger and it’s important to cherish and nurture the beautiful and genuine relationships we have in our lives”

Listen to “Marching” above, and keep up with Mr Saccardo, Bethany Lamb and Elle Ray at the links below:

Soundcloud: @mrsaccardo | Facebook:

Elle on Soundcloud: @elleraymusic | Elle on Facebook:

Bethany on Soundcloud: @bethanyhopelamb | Bethany on Facebook:

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