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Listen: Cruel Youth – ‘Hatefuck’

With the announcement that their debut EP, +30mg, would be released next Friday, September 16, Cruel Youth shared a new song – ‘Hatefuck.’ The title may be the most gasp-worthy thing about this track; everything about the track is a very natural progression for Cruel Youth from their previous songs, ‘Mr. Watson‘ and ‘Diamond Days.’ By now, it’s clear to see the sound and emotion Cruel Youth aims to provoke, and ‘Hatefuck’ has it down pat. Retreading some of the subject material on Trouble, Teddy Sinclair’s last album as Natalia Kills, Hatefuck’ describes a problematic and abusive relationship that Sinclair has no desire to leave.

‘I hate you everytime I fuck you,’ she sings on the chorus, recalling the various ways their love is doomed on each verse. The only thing that has changed during the transition from Natalia Kills to Cruel Youth appears to be in name only — but that’s probably the best and most exciting news possible.

Listen to ‘Hatefuck’ above. Purchase the track on iTunes.

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