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Watch: Cruel Youth – “Mr. Watson” Music Video

Cruel Youth have released their debut music video for “Mr. Watson”. Teddy Sinclair (formerly Natalia Kills) takes the lead on the track – she and her husband, Willy Moon, form Cruel Youth. Just like on her past work, Perfectionist and Trouble, Cruel Youth’s music lets listeners know that Sinclair is an artist with a story to tell — and although it’s not a fairytale ending like most of the mainstream media likes to consume, her raw grit and tenacity propel her forward into expressing her innermost thoughts. She’s real, despite what an X Factor stunt or her various changing stage names would have you believe.

The video for “Mr. Watson” is a dream come true as Sinclair makes her way through a carnival, to her bedroom, and pensively reflecting on her relationship with the titular character. If the video for “Mr. Watson” is an indication of the direction Cruel Youth is going with their music and visuals, it will certainly be an interesting ride. Sonically, Cruel Youth’s two already released tracks (“Mr. Watson” and “Diamond Days“), have given Sinclair the chance to fully let her vocal talents shine; on both tracks there is much less production to hide her vocal prowess like there was on Kills’ debut, Perfectionist. Fans of Sinclair’s former work will certainly see her in a new and clearer light – one that features her lyrics being sang crystal clear with a dreamy production backing them. Visually, if “Mr. Watson” is to be indicative, Cruel Youth is gearing up to take Sinclair’s already polished dark-pop look to new heights. In a world of Taylor Swifts, Cruel Youth is the Swift anti-thesis – real, raw and broken – but loving every minute of it.

Check out Cruel Youth’s “Mr. Watson” above. Get the track on iTunes and Spotify. Keep up with Cruel Youth on their official website, Twitter and Facebook.

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