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Music Video: Shania Twain – ‘Life’s About To Get Good’

Let’s go girls…Shania is back!

Shania Twain is back, and her music video for ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ finds her in a good place in life. Those who grew up listening to Shania’s music will be glad to hear her voice has grown better with time, sounding just as pristine as she did on songs like ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman’ — a track that this video even pays subtle homage to.

The only critique to be had for ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ comes directed at the song’s production, which is heavy throughout and at times sounds more like a cacophony than a symphony. Although with Twain’s track record, it wouldn’t surprise me if the song, and her forthcoming album Now were to be released with multiple versions. (Past albums have had various reworks, ranging from country, pop, to even Bollywood productions!)

Watch the music video below and pre-order Now here.

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