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New Music: Kesha – ‘Praying’ (Music Video)

New Sound, Same Vibrant Visuals

Through all that she’s been through, it’s no wonder that Kesha has changed. After a long emotional and legal battle, it comes as a comfort to have new Kesha music on the horizon, with news that an album, Rainbow, is on its way as well. Today marks the release of ‘Praying’ and its official video, and oh, boy, if there aren’t a lot of feels to be felt watching this one.

On the very surface, ‘Praying’ is an emotionally charged track. When you stop and ponder about the experiences Kesha endured before writing this song, there’s another layer to this track that cuts like a knife. It’s most relieving to realize that no matter what was thrown at her, Kesha held her head high and transformed, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. The Kesha in this video is happy, healthy, and beyond remarkable.

Those who despised her autotune-driven mainstream melodies will be hushed. ‘Praying’ is the antithesis to ‘Tik Tok.’ Kesha flexes her vocal talents and makes anyone ponder why her voice was dimmed and hidden behind computers in the first place. Visually, ‘Praying’ is just as polished and glowing as Kesha’s Warrior era, full of vibrant colors — quite in sync with the Rainbow title of her forthcoming album. Kesha wears an array of outfits that will probably be both loved and loathed by those with a fashionable eye.

Lyrically, Kesha sings about a higher calling, rising above negativity, and wishing the best upon her enemies (namely, Dr. Luke.) She knows the power and the might that she wields, and she hopes her detractors are praying for themselves. “You brought the flames and you put me through hell, I had to learn how to fight for myself,” she sings. She adds: “When I’m finished, they won’t even know your name.” Ouch.

Watch the music video for ‘Praying’ by Kesha below and download here. Pre-order Rainbow to get ‘Praying’ instantly.

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