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Taylor Swift – New Romantics

Taylor Swift is still riding the high of 2014’s wildly successful 1989. Her latest and seventh single from the album is the deluxe edition cut “New Romantics”. With one listen to the song, you’ll be hooked and realize that even Swift’s bonus tracks, which most artists reserve for filler fodder to boost sales, are golden.

Prior to hearing “New Romantics”, I wasn’t as sold on Taylor Swift as most of the general public seems to be. Her songs, while catchy, are mostly mindless romantic fodder that panders to the masses. On top of that, Swift’s persona has come across as more unlikable than not to me — her heart may be in the right place, and she seems nice, but there appears to be a wall up preventing her from being genuinely relatable. This may sound harsh, especially when the majority of the world seems to be enamoured with her — but that may be part of the problem. Just like Lady Gaga, Taylor’s overexposure can be tiring. That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable and different “New Romantics” is from what I picture in my head to be a stereotypical Taylor Swift song.

Watch the music video for “New Romantics” below, and pick it up on the deluxe edition of 1989 here or on iTunes here. As a bonus, watch the His Dream of Lions punk pop cover of the track below, too and check out more of their work here.

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