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Watch: Ashnikko – ‘Worms’ Music Video

Coraline’s Demonic Acid Trip into Mad Max

After dropping ‘You Make Me Sick!‘, the first single from her upcoming debut album WEEDKILLER, Ashnikko is back with some ‘Worms’ for fans to feast upon! The song itself debuted earlier this week, and a visual has now arrived to accompany the track.

The music video feels right at home with Ashnikko’s previous videos with its influences ranging from anime to sci-fi as well as traditional animation and claymation, all with a delightful Tim Burton-esque twist that captures the je ne sais quoi that is Ashnikko.

Imagine if the other world of Coraline took a demonic acid trip into Mad Max that culminated in a Ready Player One epic fight scene, and you’d find yourself in the ‘Worms’ music video. While still dark and twisted, ‘Worms’ adds a campy, cheeky flair that keeps it on the opposite end of the dark and twisted spectrum than ‘You Make Me Sick!’ which was more gritty and horrifying (in the best way.)

Watch ‘Worms’ Music Video above, and pre-order WEEDKILLER now ahead of its scheduled release this June.

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