Watch: Kerli – “Diamond Hard” Music Video

Kerli refuses to be put into a box – and her latest song and visual, “Diamond Hard” sees the ethereal bubblegoth goddess taking a dark but enlightening turn, exploring the yin and yang of the human soul. Speaking about the creation of the video, Kerli said, “Diamond Hard is an audiovisual story about true strength and resilience. Appropriately, this is the first release for which I both produced the music and directed the video on my own, marking an important milestone in my journey as an artist.”

One thing that is important to note is how wonderfully “Diamond Hard” fits with its predecessors, especially “Feral Hearts” and “Blossom” from her new, independent era. This may be the first time Kerli has both produced the music and video by herself, but it is apparent that every piece of her work is carefully crafted and overseen by her. In the past, she may have entrusted others to execute her vision – but it is always her vision. As “Diamond Hard” pounds through its carefully produced, magically mystical beats, Kerli’s usually soft and heavenly vocals become harder, raw and as resilient as the diamonds of which she sings.

Visually, “Diamond Hard” is nothing short of breathtaking. It is the dark counterpart to the “Feral Hearts” video; both are nothing short of works of art, with the stunningly light “Feral Hearts” complementing the brooding “Diamond Hard” marvelously. As Kerli’s soon to be released album nears closer, it becomes harder to pick a favorite song and visual for her new era. “Diamond Hard” alludes to the battle of light vs. dark, and that’s precisely what bubblegoth is all about — and Kerli remains a master of the bubblegoth craft. It’s hard to pick which is more astounding: the level of artistry that goes into Kerli’s work or just how underrated she continues to be.

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