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Kerli – “Blossom” Music Video

Kerli - "Blossom" Music Video

Kerli dropped a wonderful surprise today with the release of her second single and its accompanying music video. The track, "Blossom" is a dark and brooding follow up to the masterpiece that is "Feral Hearts". It's worth noting that this is Kerli's first independent album, and she is proof that...

Watch: Kerli – ‘Feral Hearts’ (The Forest Sessions)

Watch: Kerli - 'Feral Hearts' (The Forest Sessions)

Kerli's breathtaking visual for 'Feral Hearts' (which you should watch here, if you haven't already) was not all the Estonian goddess had up her sleeve for the ethereal song! "I present the final offering from the fairytale of 'Feral Hearts'," she said on Twitter, "You all have given me...

Watch: Kerli’s ‘Feral Hearts’ Video is a work of art

Watch: Kerli's 'Feral Hearts' Video is a work of art

Kerli continues to elevate her artistry in her latest music video for 'Feral Hearts', and the result is nothing short of a masterpiece. Kerli is by far one of the most underrated artists - from her music to her visuals, she has an ethereal, precise vision that is always evolving and...

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