Watch: Kim Petras – ‘All I Do Is Cry’ (Lyric Video)

What did we do to deserve all this new music from Kim?

In the past month, Kim Petras has released five (5!!) lyric videos for new songs, and they’ve all been astoundingly good tracks. Her latest release, ‘All I Do Is Cry’ is no exception. The track is a moody and brooding song about being heartbroken, with a traditionally pop approach like most of Petras’ music takes.

“I need you more than air, I see you everywhere” Petras sings about her unrequited love, adding “Wish I could forget ya like I never met ya/ Said you want a break then broke my heart.” The song is emotional, and Petras’ vocals are full of pain and heartache. ‘All I Do Is Cry’ is thematically similar to one of her other recently released tracks – ‘Broken’ (arguably the better of these two songs.)

With that said, both songs deal with different stages of coping with heartbreak. ‘All I Do Is Cry’ is one of those first stages of pain and sorrow. ‘Broken’ isn’t too far off from that, but at least she’s praying for karma’s retribution. With this influx of new tracks, Petras is managing to find a nice blend of tracks, partying through her sorrows on songs like ‘Got My Number‘ and ‘Sweet Spot‘ while still getting her feelings out on tracks like ‘Broken’ and ‘All I Do Is Cry.’

Watch the official lyric video for ‘All I Do Is Cry’ below, and add it to your digital library here.

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