Listen: Rhia – ‘Fire.’

‘Fire’ beautifully ignites on this passionate track about breaking free

A spark ignites when Rhia’s newest single reaches its chorus. As the song begins, ‘Fire.’ is a slow burn, with its opening verse starting off haunting, whispery and slow, building momentum until the chorus is unleashed — and with it a rollercoaster of emotion as Rhia croons “I’m gasoline and fire, watch me come alive.” There’s power in her vocals, and they take an already catchy song to the next level.

Produced by Samuel PK Smith (Bebe Rexha) and co-produced, edited and written by Rhia, “Fire.” uses Rhia’s soaring, fearless vocals to truly embody strength and the feeling of breaking free. Lyrics are creative and beautifully combine imagery of fire and water to create a song that easily comes to life, painting a clear picture in the listener’s mind.

Listen to ‘Fire.’ below or on POParazzi’s ‘That’s What’s Pop’ Spotify playlist. Keep up with Rhia on her official website and listen and stream ‘Fire.’ on all platforms here.

Written by Sam

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