Watch: Swayday – ‘Just Like The 80s’ Music Video

Take a trip back to a time long, long ago (Oop)

Watching Swedish band Swayday’s music video for ‘Just Like the 80s’ is the next best thing to hopping into a time machine and going back in time. Did Maroon 5 and Charlie Puth have a musical love child that found their influence in Duran Duran? There’s so much time traveling going on now that I fear could only be explained in a Back to the Future movie.

Jokes aside, Swayday’s newest song is a fun and funky track that nicely encapsulates an era gone by. Pop music has come along way in those 40 years (do you feel old yet?) but Swayday’s take on the era is a beautiful love letter to a decade that inspires them: “Just Like The 80’s is a song that carries a lot of emotion for us,” the band says. “By use of the 80’s reference, it tells the story of two people who have a past together – but something happens that strips everything away and you’re left wishing you could have it back. You sing your heart out just to try getting that one person back in your life.”

Enjoy the music video below, and keep up with the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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