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Watch: Iggy Azalea – ‘Started’ Music Video

Iggy enlists RuPaul’s Drag Race stars for latest music video

What better way to go viral than with the help of some of TV’s biggest personalities — stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race? Iggy Azalea certainly seems to be a fan of the show, having used three of the show’s alumni in her last music video and working even more closely with drag artists for her latest release, ‘Started.’

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo and Trixie Mattel, Iggy’s creative director, join her on the song’s music video, a delightfully fun and campy visual that sees Iggy killing her sugar daddy and profiting. Iggy has always had a love for pop culture, and it’s not surprising that a drag queen as delightfully over the top as Trixie has been able to elevate Iggy’s visuals and style to the next level.

Throughout the clip, Iggy’s hair, outfits and the overall creative aspects and direction are top notch. The song, while not as strong as ‘Sally Walker,’ is undeniably catchy and features Azalea’s usual rapid word flow boasting about riches and her desirability. The only less-than-polished aspect of the video comes from its cutscenes, where Trixie and Vanjie come in; the flow of the track is lost in these interlude moments, almost making it feel like three separate songs when the beat eventually comes back. This isn’t really an issue in the actual song, however.

Love her or hate her, Iggy Azalea is elevating her music and visuals with the help of Drag Race stars. Are ‘Sally Walker’ and ‘Started’ groundbreaking? No, but they’re still solid. And let’s face it — everyone already knows whether or not they’ll like Iggy’s songs. If you’re in the camp that likes it, you’ll enjoy her latest releases and ‘Started’ is no exception.

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