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Watch: Iggy Azalea – Mo Bounce (Music Video)

Iggy Azalea makes her triumphant return with the music video for her new single ‘Mo Bounce.’ It’s been a while since Azalea has released music. Following her rapid ascent with the fame of ‘Fancy,’ things seemed to quickly stall, and a time away from the spotlight was needed to avoid overexposure. Thankfully, Azalea’s return to the music landscape is a carefully calculated and wonderfully executed affair that reaffirms to her fans why they love her and makes it hard for her haters to keep on hating.

‘Mo Bounce’ has the hallmarks of an Azalea track — catchy wordplay and a beat that mixes the best of pop and hip-hop. Granted, much of the track’s lyrics are simply the repetitive ‘Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, B-bounce,’ but that’s not to knock the track. When Azalea is rapping, she’s got a reinvigorated flow that shows she has not lost her passion. Her harsher critics may also be pleased to hear that there’s less of a southern drawl in Azalea’s singing accent. What does remain is likely ingrained into her speech and won’t be going anywhere. The track blends the repetitive, radio-friendly chorus and the spitfire verses and manages to avoid sounding too formulaic, even though it is very much a calculated effort to ensure Azalea’s mainstream success on the charts.

The video takes on a much more traditional hip-hop vibe, with various women and girls dancing (and of course Iggy is seen twerking, too.) Highlights include some direct political messages: ‘My Pussy Grabs Back’ embroidered on a pants pocket. Azalea usually shies away from political statements (which usually delights her detractors who say she should have a voice on matters, especially those that effect the cultures she has become a part of.) The political patch is hardly a form of concrete activism on Azalea’s behalf, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The best part of the ‘Mo Bounce’ music video? It features a diverse cast of female dancers from varying ages and ethnicities. The best part of the song? It’s a banger.

Download and Stream ‘Mo Bounce’ here.

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