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Listen: Kat Saul – ‘Iconic’

Kat Saul is just nineteen years old – but she’s already mastered the Lana Del Rey croon and mixed it with some Gwen Stefani style beats. Her new song, ‘Iconic’ touches on crushes and puppy love, but doesn’t sound like the bubblegum pop you’d expect it to be. Saul is crooning and seductive with a production that will lure you into a trance. This is an unexpected gem that’s so infectious, when the track eventually ends — with Saul stopping mid-sentence — I found myself completing the lyric for her in my head…and feeling disappointed the song was over.

Speaking about the song’s creation, Saul said, “I had just broken up with this guy who I thought was totally perfect, […] but I was so blinded by his great qualities that I couldn’t see the ones that were hurting me. A few weeks later, I sat down to write with my friends, Amy Peters and Jordan Xidas. About 30 minutes into a super corny song about gossip, we dropped it and just started talking life. All of a sudden, we were spitting out lyrics. “Iconic” just kind of happened because it was real to me in my personal life at the time.”

For more information on Kat Saul, visit her website.

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