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Kat Saul Confronts a Doomed Relationship in Music Video for ‘Compromise’

Pristine Guitars and Drums make this track pop

Kat Saul is choosing to follow her dreams instead of a man on her newest song, ‘Compromise.’ The song is written by Saul, Megan Redmond, and Paige Blue — all female writers and producers local to the Nashville pop community, offering a modern perspective on the pitfalls of dating in young adulthood.

“I’m 21, you’re 25, baby, maybe we’re too young to sacrifice,” Saul laments before concluding, “I don’t wanna compromise.” There’s beauty in her pain, with Saul managing to make a heartbreaking track both empowering and saddening. “I don’t wanna lose you, but I think that I might have to.”

The song and its video both wonderfully capture the feeling of haziness and separation that comes from an unsteady relationship. Saul is noticeably alone throughout the entire visual, shrouded in hazy fog as the video sees her exploring an empty home. (Well, not totally empty. Watch the video to the very end!)

“‘Compromise’ is the pre-break up song. It’s that uncomfortable, introspective moment when you realize things need to end,” Saul said of the track. “You should never have to compromise your dreams or plans to date someone. If I’m honest, before writing this song I knew something felt wrong in my relationship, but by the time I got to the end of the chorus during the writing session, I knew we needed to break up. Sometimes hearing yourself say your thoughts out loud is eye opening.”

‘Compromise’ follows Saul’s winning recipe for making delicious pop songs. She leaves her heart on the track, allowing her music to be raw and emotional — cathartic for both her and the listener. It’s something she’s been honing for years — from ‘Vision‘ to her most recent release ‘…from Unit 408.’

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