Experimental Artist Kitzl Shares Dreamy ‘Wizard Girls’

Independent Canadian Artist’s release is shimmering ambient pop

Canadian producer and composer Kitzl has released a new song ‘Wizard Girls,’ a delightfully dreamy electropop song that sounds like a Grimes song that floated up to heaven and is dancing among the clouds.

Hailing from Canada’s ‘Royal City’ Guelph near Toronto, Kitzl began writing and recording music as a teen, with a penchant for electronic music. She used it as a way to explore ambient sounds and soundtrack music — and her hard work is clearly evident on ‘Wizard Girls.’

Organic sounds and samples from life in nature such as gates closing, pottery scraping, and branches  crackling help give her songs a unique feel and sound. The voices of coyotes, frogs, crickets and birds complement her own vocals for a track that sounds as organic as it is. ‘Wizard Girls’ is full of nature, from Kitzl’s light and breezy vocals to the song’s production; it’s all too easy to envision the songstress in the woods singing the track in full wizard garb.

Kitzl’s harmonious connection with nature on the track would make moonchildren like Kerli proud. There is a fearless confidence here that comes with a beautiful and invigorating whimsy. Take a relaxing trip through the faerie kingdom on ‘Wizard Girls’ below. Keep up with Kitzl on her official website.

Written by Sam

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