Eulene Releases Infectious Video for ‘Megalomaniac’

Dark video captures the song’s theme with ease

New York’s own Eulene may be making music from Nashville these days, but she’s still got that New York grit and club-ready atmosphere with her latest music video, ‘Megalomaniac.’ The visual is menacing and seductive, alluring and dominating, and Eulene sounds right at home on the dark, underground track.

Sonically, ‘Megalomaniac’ takes inspiration from artists used to being a little different — Björk, M.I.A. and Lorde are the first names to come to mind. There’s an industrial sound here, fearless of the mainstream but still craving and demanding the spotlight.

The track’s video is equally eccentric and commanding, with Eulene performing under various lights, donning a silver glitter wig and shimmering in front of various gold and silver backgrounds. It’s equally decadent and retro, showcasing wealth and power — albeit not what most people think of in 2019, a time dominated by selfies and social media presence. Eulene’s power and decadence in this video is more grungy and even a little bit Bond Villain-y.

Speaking about the song, Eulene said, “Megalomaniac is about excess. The excess of wealth and power…the excess of a dose that poisons.”

If you have to pick a poison — this track’s worth a fatal dose. Keep up with Eulene on her official website.

Written by Sam

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