Watch: Trapdoor Social – “Never Stop Listening” Music Video

Trapdoor Social is making music with a message. “Last fall I helped organize a donation drive and trip up to North Dakota from LA to support the water protectors in the Oceti Sakowin camp, at the center of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests,” says Skylar Funk. “We spent a week there working in construction, in the kitchens, chopping wood and shoveling snow, and felt incredibly welcomed and honored for the chance to participate in something so powerful and historic.”

The music video shows the beautiful scenery interspersed with shots of the people protesting the DAPL. Funk continued, saying, “One thing they asked of us in orientation was to “Bring It Home” – to share what we learned at camp and to make sure folks back in the communities we’d return to were aware that the struggle to protect that land and water continues. Of course with the recent executive order, the challenge is even more urgent… So we created a video about the people we met at camp paired up with a song I wrote and recorded last year with my band Trapdoor Social to share what we saw and hopefully inspire more action.”

Written by Sam

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