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Listen: Joy Oladokun – “Poison”

Joy Oladokun gets heart wrenching on her newest track, “Poison”. “So you call this a dance, well I think it’s a boxing match, and you have the upper hand,” she sings on the song – the second single from her recently released debut album Carry. Speaking about the song’s message, Oladokun says “‘Poison’ is a song I wrote about a relationship that I loved being in, but in the end we both knew that we weren’t bringing out the best in each other. I think one of the hardest lessons that I’ve had to learn in love is that sometimes the most loving thing you can do for someone — and for yourself — is let them go.”

That’s an incredibly poignant statement from such a young artist – but one listen to “Poison” and you’ll instantly know Oladokun is wise beyond her years with a soulful voice that makes the painfully honest words she sings a cathartic release from sorrow. Her ability to so masterfully and poetically describe the most harrowing situations is reaching the level of artists like Adele: “Like a dagger draped in jewelry, the closer you get to my heart, the more it hurts.” Lyrics like these aren’t something easily conjured out of thin air; Oladokun’s music is from life experience, and her emotions are palpable.

“Poison” is anything but toxic to the ears –rather,  Oladokun’s “Poison” is the antidote to a broken heart, a reminder to listeners that everyone experiences a loss like this, and a shining example of how to make the best out of a bad situation. Listen to “Poison” below, and stay tuned to POParazzi for a full review of Joy Oladokun’s debut album Carry next week. Keep up with Joy on Facebook and Twitter. Purchase Carry on iTunes.

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