Music Video: Kris Angelis – Kevin Bacon

Angelis shows her man how to cut loose in latest clip

On her EP’s titular track, ‘Heartbreak is Contagious,’ Kris Angelis made heartbreak sound alluring and like a pain worth enduring. The script is flipped with her latest music video, ‘Kevin Bacon’ where Angelis is young and in love — the kind that gets her dancing like Kevin Bacon in Footloose.

The track itself is adorable on its own, but the music video takes it to extreme levels of cuteness. The clip starts with Angelis frustrated, trying to teach her beau the moves in their car. As the music video progresses, her dopey but lovable man eventually gets the hang of things and can keep up with her dance moves. By the bridge, they’re snuggling up together in a field before cutting loose one last time on the final chorus.

Everything about the video is wonderfully well done, but for its color choices. Highlights are often blown out, making it look more like an Instagram clip than a music video. As a whole, the clip would benefit from having more natural colors, especially when it comes to skin tones. I’m not one to get overly analytical about a video and its color choices, but the effects used here were noticeable enough to bring the video down. It pulls the viewer out of the otherwise perfect world Kris and her boyfriend are inhabiting on screen.

Angelis’ EP, Heartbreak is Contagious, is a self-proclaimed love story comprised of four songs, with ‘Kevin Bacon’ being the closer. The Taylor Swift-esque track gives hope among the heartbreak, reminding that love comes full circle, and something wonderful can be born from pain. A full review of Heartbreak is Contagious will be posted soon.

Watch the music video for ‘Kevin Bacon’ below. Visit Kris Angelis at her official website.

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