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Premiere: Tyler.V – ‘Young & Free’ Music Video

Watch Tyler.V’s anthem for remembering to live life while you can

Tyler.V is ready to take the Pop/R&B world by storm with her debut single, ‘Young & Free’. As free-spirited as her lyrics are, Tyler’s belting vocals and passionate delivery show she’s a meticulous artist determined to master her craft.

Music is something that’s been a part of Tyler’s life for some time now. She won her first talent competition at age 10, then went on to receive vocal lessons from renowned composer, lyricist, playwright and vocal coach Pat Holley. She furthered her musical studies at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in NYC, studying a wide array of music including classical and opera. She’s put her skills to work on her debut EP, Unlocked, set for a release this fall.

Watch Tyler.V’s debut music video, ‘Young & Free’ below, and read on to hear Tyler’s thoughts on the creation of the video, what to expect from her EP, and more.


POParazzi: The ‘Young & Free’ video looks like it was a lot of fun to film, and it really encompasses the song’s vibe of living life and enjoying every second of it. What was one memory you have filming the clip that you’ll never forget?

Tyler.V: Well one thing [I’m] sure I won’t forget is the scene where we are in the street throwing cereal and soda. I happened to have a blooper moment while we were shooting and fell in a pot hole. Talk about a “Young & Free” moment. My friends saw it all go down from the roof and, we caught it on camera!

POParazzi: Being your first music video, what was the experience like? Did it go differently than you originally imagined it might?

Tyler.V: It was a huge adrenaline rush. I was nervous at first because, of course, I wanted to nail every shot and choreography during each take. I also didn’t expect it to rain in the earlier part of the day, so that made things a little difficult at first. Eventually it stopped raining, and we were able to get an awesome final product.

POParazzi: You worked with producer Space 9 on the track. What’s your creative process like? Do you enjoy writing and working with others, or are your songs usually written by yourself?

Tyler.V: Space 9 actually produced all the songs that will be on my EP. Over the years, we just experimented a lot until we found what worked. I write my own songs and the lyrics are all snap shots of what I was thinking or feeling at that time period of life. But now I am much more open to working with other writers and collaborating since I’m more confident in my style and sound.

POParazzi: When did you first develop your passion for making music?

Tyler.V: I was about 3 years old when I heard R.Kelly’s record ‘I Believe I can Fly,’ and it moved me in a way that made me feel something. Back then I didn’t know how to describe it, but now I refer to that feeling as making my soul feel warm. From that very day, I always knew I wanted to sing songs that always made me feel that way.

POParazzi: Do you remember the first song you ever wrote? How have you grown and changed as a musician from then to here and now with ‘Young & Free?’

Tyler.V:  Yes! I didn’t know what I was doing [on my first song.] I was about 10 years old. I didn’t understand anything really about structure and building a melody, and I got so discouraged that I actually didn’t pick up a pen again to write my originals until I was 17. By that age I had sang cover songs for so long that I got tired of the songs I was singing because I didn’t identify with them. I’ve grown a lot as a woman, artist and songwriter. At first I was really shy and timid. Unsure of who I was and what I liked. Now I’m much more open and confident as an artist.

POParazzi: Your debut EP, Unlocked, is due out this fall. What can fans expect to hear on the other tracks?

Tyler.V: Unlocked is my debut EP as well as my debut of being transparent to the world. So I talk about a lot of things I went through and felt that I never really spoke about to anyone. The songs are very personal and real

POParazzi It’s clear to see from the music video that you have an intense energy when performing. Do you have any live performances planned?

Tyler.V: Yes! All in the works. All confirmed dates will be announced on my social media – @sheistylerv

POParazzi: What would you say the message of ‘Young & Free’ is? What’s one way you remember that life is short and to enjoy every second of it?

Tyler.V: To me ‘Young & Free’ is an anthem to not get caught up in our daily routines and live life to the fullest. Spontaneous moments are what keep us alive. One way I remember this is by traveling and experiencing new things with my friends.

POParazzi: Are there any artists you’d love to collaborate with on a song?

Tyler.V: Working with Beyoncé would be a DREAM.

Written by Sam

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