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Qveen Herby Reminds You to Take Your ‘Vitamins’ in New Music Video

Self-care, good livin Vision board and a mission, Eat my greens, nutrition!

Qveen Herby is back with her seventh EP, the aptly titled EP 7, and the singer/songwriter and rapper shared the first music video from the EP’s first track, ‘Vitamins.’ Who would’ve thought being healthy could look and sound so good?

Longtime fans of the Qveen will find her signature spitfire is back in full force, and she’s come a long way while still keeping the tight flow she showcased in the duo Karmin. Her solo work as Qveen Herby over the past six EP’s has explored R&B and rap genres, adding deliciously clever tracks like ‘Mint,’ ‘Sade in the 90s’ and ‘Busta Rhymes’ to her repertoire.

‘Vitamins’ sees Qveen Herby on her continued growth as a solo artist, making music that proudly empowers both its listeners and the Qveen herself. “They ain’t listening to Qveen and it really shows, I baptize bitches with my holy flows,” she raps.

Artists like Herby benefit so greatly from the power of the internet and artistic freedoms. Was Karmin an amazing band that released wonderful mainstream hits? Sure, but a quick listen to Qveen Herby lets the listener in on pure, untapped talent the likes of which a label wouldn’t know what to do with.

Watch the music video for ‘Vitamins’ below and listen to Qveen Herby’s EP 7 here.

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