Reneé Dominique Shares Heartwarming Music Video for ‘Could I Love You Any More’ With Jason Mraz

Having risen to fame through the success of her YouTube channel, of which she has amassed millions of views for her sweet and euphoric renditions of hit songs, ReneéDominique now steps away from the camera and into the studio with two-time GRAMMY Award winner and regular chart-topper Jason Mraz to release the blissfully sweet new single ‘Could I Love You Any More’.

Played as a conversation about love between a man and a woman, the duo takes it in turns to swoon and serenade throughout this powerful and touching duet. Produced by Mraz alongside Josquin Des PresMichael Natter and Fabien Renoult, ‘Could I Love You Any More’ combines smooth and breezy guitars with sweeping vocal performances to create a warm and intimate release that sees both artists shine throughout.

Speaking about her new collaboration, Dominique states, “Love can never be stopped, it never runs out, because with the right person love exists in abundance. Love is kind and patient, never boastful, proud or rude. Love is not selfish or quick tempered, it does not keep a record of wrongs that others do. Love rejoices in the truth, not in evil. Love is always supportive, loyal, hopeful, and trusting. Love never fails.”

 While Mraz adds, “Reneé’s voice sounded angelic and working with her was fun and easy – but we actually never met during the process. It’s as if we were sending messages in a bottle across the sea, working in different time zones between different schedules to make this dream collaboration become a reality. Though we had never met, I feel like I knew Reneé simply through the quality of her voice. I was drawn to her tone and vocal attitude and through the process of co-writing the song, felt drawn to harmonize and appear on the track. It’s an honour to be featured. But I’m here because I’m a fan.”

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