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Review & Photos: 5 Seconds of Summer #ROWYSOBristow in Bristow, VA


5 Seconds of Summer literally rocked the Jiffy Lube Live amphitheater in Bristow, VA on Sunday night for their ‘Rock Out With Your Socks Out’ headlining tour. Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton were all on top of their game for a fun-filled night of entertainment with a beefy setlist – especially considering their second album is not set to be released for another month!

The venue was packed with young, enthusiastic girls who were endlessly devoted to their idols. Opening band, Hey Violet, were as quirky and delightful as you’d expect. They got the crowd pumped with their own original music along with rock covers of artists like Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’. The highlight of Hey Violet’s act was seeing the camaraderie of the band, and their excitement at relating stories to the audience of things like their enjoyment at an acoustic hangout with super fans earlier in the day, or how they’d overindulged on sno-cones. Their banter never felt rehearsed or artificial, and it was nice to see a band that was authentic and obviously so happy at home on stage.

Hey Violet

Hey Violet played a nice and hearty setlist that left little time in-between for the audience to get antsy waiting for 5 Seconds of Summer. As the atmosphere lights dimmed and the stage lights went up, the entire amphitheater burst into ecstatic screams – and my eardrums are still a little sore (not complaining, though!)

5 Seconds of Summer made sure to have something for everyone to enjoy – from the fans who had been there from the very beginning to those that had just joined the 5SOS Family after hearing their new works like ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ and ‘Jet Black Heart’. The guys also performed another unreleased song – ‘Permanent Vacation’.

If being in the audience and hearing 5 Seconds of Summer performing wasn’t good enough, the band made the entire crowd feel loved; they were constantly thanking everyone for coming out, hoped they were having a good time and even gave a shoutout to the people all the way up on the lawn. Of course, the fans closest to the action got their share of the spotlight too – with Michael and Ashton stopping to read some of the hilarious signs their fans had made. (“I Want Calum To Punch Me In The Face” and “5 Seconds of Pepe” featuring the frog meme were hilarious albeit odd standouts.)

The luckiest fan in the crowd however had to be the lucky young girl the boys pulled out of the audience and onto the stage for an impromptu cover of Green Day’s ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’. The girl rocked the bass as Calum excitedly sang, and at the end the boys couldn’t help but remark “Was that Calum playing bass?!” Needless to say, 5SOS know how to make their fans happy.


It’s hard to pick a highlight from a night that was so full of high energy that never quit. The fun and charm that the boys individually and collectively brought to the stage was electric, and if they come to your town, don’t miss out. Enjoy a gallery of photos from the show below and follow on Twitter, @POParazziORG for more photos.

Written by Sam

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