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Willam, Courtney Act & Alaska – ‘Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man’ Music Video

RuPaul’s Drag Race superstars Willam, Courtney Act, and Alaska have released another campy tune right in time for the holidays aptly called ‘Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man.’ When you think of a drag queen Christmas tune, ‘Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man’ pretty much fits the bill in every single way. The three girls (none of whom won their respective seasons, but have gone on to just as much, if not more, fame than the queens who did) look better than ever on the song’s music video. Willam, who previously enjoyed chart success with DWV (made up of fellow queens Detox and Vicky Vox), has elevated both his level of drag and his musical abilities; ‘Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man’ is sleek and polished, and the production values, dare I say it, blow RuPaul’s latest music videos out of the water.

Courtney Act by far has the best voice in the trio, a fact that seems to be acknowledged even by the queens, with Courtney doing most of the vocal work, with Willam a close second. Alaska’s lines are more reserved for the comedy bits that really set the song apart and make it memorable, despite the fact that she can’t quite carry a tune like Courtney or Willam. Alaska and her quirky image and comedic efforts are a valuable part of the lineup.

Hopefully Willam, Courtney, and Alaska are beginning a recording relationship that goes further than DWV. This trio has talent in leaps and bounds, and also three very strong fanbases — each queen represents different aspects of the art of drag and they do it flawlessly. Can we invent more holidays so that Willam, Courtney and Alaska can make fun and over the top songs like this one for each and every one?

Buy ‘Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man’ on iTunes and support these artists. Click here to watch the video on Youtube, and check the description for links to each of the queen’s websites, twitters, and Facebooks. In the mood for even more Courtney, Alaska, and Willam? Check out ‘American Apparel Ad Girls’.

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