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5 Seconds of Summer – ‘What I Like About You’ Music Video

5 Seconds of Summer have released a live music video for ‘What I Like About You’ when they performed at The Forum, ahead of the release of  their live album, LIVESOS, coming out on December 15th. The boys’ version of the track may very well be the first time some of their massive fanbase hears The Romantics’ track from 1980 (bravo to the 5SOS guys for introducing their younger fans to great music from before their time.) Some may argue that the 5 Seconds of Summer version could never touch the original, but at the very least the 5SOS boys pay a great tribute to the original in this live track. Their playful and fun atmosphere on stage lends itself to the song perfectly, and the music video shows the guys having a great time living their dreams. Kind of hard to knock that.

Their stage presence is killer, and with the kind of music they release, a live album is a necessity even this early on in the band’s career. 5SOS may be pop, but they’re gritty and punk at the same time, and a live album lets fans listen to a real ‘punk’ product, rather than polished vocals and perfect productions. The vocals and instruments are all skillfully mixed but thankfully don’t ever walk near the line of being overproduced. The track feels like you’re right at their concert at the Forum. Admittedly, I have not been a diehard a 5 Seconds of Summer, but I’m eager to listen to their live album and would definitely see them in concert if the opportunity arose. With the way ‘What I Like About You’ has been produced, I’d even love to watch a Blu-Ray/DVD of one of their shows. 5 Seconds of Summer shines when they’re live and raw.

Check out the music video for ‘What I Like About You’ above, and pre-order LIVESOS on iTunes here.

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