Jack Falahee & DJ Elephante Join Forces on New Band Diplomacy – ‘Silver Lake Queen’

Courtesy Jordan Black

Actor Jack Falahee knows more than just How To Get Away With Murder. He and DJ Elephante (Tim Wu) know how to craft a damn catchy pop tune with their recently released single ‘Silver Lake Queen.’ The two friends have joined forces to create Diplomacy, and the result is some addicting alt-pop.

Inspired by a femme fatale the duo met in Silver Lake, the song has a stompingly good beat, loose guitars and spellbinding vocals. The song’s music video features a skillful dancer luring Falahee and Wu in, every bit the enchantress the song was written about.

While ‘Silver Lake Queen’ is Diplomacy’s first track, the two friends have been exploring music and songwriting for a while. Jack Falahee graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, while Tim Wu graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Economics. They moved to LA separately to pursue their passions, but always kept in touch – usually over game night when they played ‘Diplomacy.’

About the creation of the band, Wu said, ““Diplomacy is about the reconciliation of opposing sides – past and present, old and new, organic and electronic, Michigan and L.A., and Asian and White. Jack and I grew up together, went our separate ways, and both found our way to L.A. to try to chase our dreams. The music and visual content we made is all about trying to create a reunion between our different paths to California, my electronic music as Elephante, and the music we loved growing up as well as songwriting and the visual storytelling that Jack has developed as an actor. It’s about two kids from Michigan fulfilling their childhood dream of starting a band together, but coming from a place where we’re older and have had time to develop our craft and creative community.”

Falahee added, “We want Diplomacy to be more than just a band. I think starting this project in our late 20s allowed us both time to mature as artists in our respective fields and hopefully has brought a more developed creative prospective to the project. For me, Diplomacy is in some way about the reconciliation of what Tim and I both bring to the table artistically to make the band reach it’s fullest potential. We’re both bringing different music, art, fashion and film aesthetics to the project that hopefully come together in a really interesting way to make DIPLOMACY!”


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