Me an Di share debut single, ‘All At Once’

Me an Di’s debut single, “All At Once,” is an explosion of energy, love and vocal chemistry. Comprised of songwriters Diana Cybulska and Jean-Marc Tardieu, Me an Di was born in the wake of an inspiring night of music at EDC 2018. The Berklee College of Music graduates both independently moved to Los Angeles after graduation and began working together to establish their songwriting careers. While juggling multiple jobs to survive, they’ve both managed to write successful tracks for Los Angeles-based bands and artists, including Walla’s “Talking Dirty” (which currently has over 400K plays) as well as American Idol contestant Isabelle’s popular single, “Unlabeled”, which has generated over 5 million plays across various social media platforms. It was on that fated night at a music festival, after years of writing for other artists, that they finally decided to craft their own sound and direct their own narrative. Me an Di is a fiery mix of synthy electro-dance and unforgettable pop hooks immersed in expert storytelling that reflects on love, growing, friendship, and the future.

Their debut single, ”All At Once,” is packed with big hooks and jarring rhythms that build to an anthemic and unforgettable chorus. The sensual sounds of their voices, mingling and mixing as they trade off between verses and find harmony together in each chorus, create a primal, heart pounding chemistry. From the booming bass beating beneath them to the soft piano breakdown that highlights the true magic of their vocals, the track perfectly captures the feeling of being on the cusp of falling for someone new.


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