Music Video: Ivy Layne – ‘One You Love’

Ivy Layne gets sultry on her new track, ‘One You Love.’ The steamy video, directed by Bobby Yan and Kick Me Enterprises, is an interesting introduction to Layne, and two very different clips for the track have been released. The first features Layne solo, set amidst romantic red, purple and blue backdrops, dancing around a car. While certainly in line with the song’s mood, the music video leaves a bit to be desired. Thankfully, the song’s alternate music video nails it.

In the original clip, Layne is striking as ever, and the mood is quickly set with good use of shadows and silhouettes. It’s the story that detracts from the overall quality, mostly because it just doesn’t make sense. There’s lots of hundred dollar bills being thrown about, an ominous looking man sitting in a car for no apparent reason, and two robbers in white tiger masks (Layne and her love interest.) The production value is superb – it’s just a shame there’s little theatrical value. This just doesn’t feel like a fluid story, which is what it tries to accomplish.

DJ/Singer Popcaan joins Layne for the song’s second music video, giving it a distinct Jamaican flair. This is a much brighter take on the track, which at times looks and sounds a bit like what you’d expect if Sean Paul and Iggy Azalea worked together (and if Iggy Azalea actually sang.) Once again, production value is phenomenal, but there’s more fun and freedom in this clip. The story behind it is more celebratory, focusing on fun and island life rather than having a plot, and it works. Layne looks beautiful whether she’s at the club or on the beach. Watch the second clip below.

For more Ivy Layne, check out her EP In Time here.

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