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Watch: Kerli’s ‘Feral Hearts’ Video is a work of art

Kerli continues to elevate her artistry in her latest music video for ‘Feral Hearts’, and the result is nothing short of a masterpiece. Kerli is by far one of the most underrated artists – from her music to her visuals, she has an ethereal, precise vision that is always evolving and metamorphosing. Those familiar with her work will know that saying ‘Feral Hearts’ is her most ingenious video to date will know what an accomplishment this is — videos like ‘Zero Gravity’ and ‘Army of Love’ all offer a beautiful look into the mind of Kerli.

‘Feral Hearts’, the first single off Kerli’s first independent album to be released later this year, is a breathtaking and delightful watch. In the pop/dance music scene, Kerli is a diamond in the rough – a true artist that may go unnoticed next to more mainstream, cookie cutter acts. That doesn’t dull her shine to those that know of her magic, though. Watch ‘Feral Hearts’ below, purchase it on iTunes here, and support Kerli’s album on PledgeMusic.

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