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Kerli is the ‘Perfect Crush’

Kerli has once again collaborated with music producer tyDi on a newly released track ‘Perfect Crush’. Although the two have already released ‘Glow in the Dark’, Kerli shared on her Facebook that ‘Perfect Crush’ is actually the first song the two ever made together, and it’s one of her first vocal productions.

‘Perfect Crush’ is an ethereal delight to ears for some nice and relaxing listening. As always, Kerli’s lyrics are full of imagery and she sounds beautiful. I honestly think Kerli could sing the phonebook and it would be enjoyable in her memorable, if not haunting and otherworldly voice. If I had to choose between ‘Perfect Crush’ and ‘Glow in the Dark’, the latter would win, because it’s just a tad bit stronger overall. ‘Perfect Crush’, on the other hand, takes the gold when in the mood for a nice song to unwind or meditate to. That’s whats great about Kerli’s wide range of music: there’s dance tracks to get the party started and take you all the way to relaxing and sleeping it off. Even with such varying styles, she never loses her uniqueness (or should I say, her bubblegoth?)

Those that haven’t listened to Kerli’s music should check it out and not stop at one song or album. Her entire discography is superb and diverse, with something everyone can enjoy and relate to whether they’re going through hard times (Love is Dead) or in blissful ecstasy (Utopia).

You can get ‘Perfect Crush’ on tyDi’s album REDEFINED. Check out the album on iTunes here, and check out the rest of Kerli’s music while you’re at it. You can follow Kerli on twitter, @kerlimusic, and like her on Facebook. is also now on Twitter and Facebook, @POParazziorg and!

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