Live: Rozes electrifies DC’s U Street Music Hall

Singer shined with intense energy and superb vocals

Everything’s coming up Rozes, and the singer’s performance last night at DC’s U Street Music Hall was no exception. An unmatched level of energy lasted for Rozes’ entire set, propelling the growing crowd to dance their cares away.

Fans of Rozes’ distinct sultry voice paired with dance floor stomping EDM beats were not disappointed; despite her insanely contagious upbeat vibe and movement, Rozes never lost clarity in her vocals, managing to both work the crowd into having the time of their lives and looking like she genuinely was, too.

Rozes’ authentic love of performing and dedication to her fans was plain to see. Many artists take to the stage and smile and wave, going through the motions and laughing their way to the bank, but Rozes was 100% living in the moment. This was no facade or persona. Rozes is the real deal.

Did that unrivaled energy sometimes make for a laugh? To an extent — it was somewhat hilarious to listen to Rozes sing a few songs about heartbreak, looking enthusiastic and ecstatic, hyping the crowd up as much as she could. One thing’s for sure, whoever broke her heart is the last thing on her mind now. And that’s no surprise. Rozes has amassed an  impressive half-a-billion streams to date, proving she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Rozes spoke to her fans in the crowd about how she wanted to use that force for the show. “I invited Donald Trump here tonight,” she said with a twinkle in her eye before praising the crowd for their energy and peacefulness despite their differences. No matter the race, gender, or sexual orientation, Rozes pointed out how the venue was a place of love and acceptance. “This is what the youth of America is,” she said. “We have to use our voices.”

There’s no doubt that she’s using her voice to bring about change. Rozes opened for headlining artist Max, but as the crowd began to swell and more people arrived, everyone’s mood was lifted. Hands swayed in the air, people danced — albeit not as skillfully as Rozes herself — and the entire crowd became a utopia in the heart of chilly DC. As one fan started doing the robot during Rozes’ Chainsmokers collaboration, it was hard to deny that Rozes made U Street Music Hall a place of acceptance.

Highlights of Rozes’ set included her latest single, ‘Famous,’ a song much more intimate than its title. Rozes sang about love and how everyone deserves to feel famous when they find that certain someone. Everything about this song is pure pop perfection, and Rozes elevated the track to a new level with her live performance. Throughout the night, she wonderfully blended her live vocals, band, and backing instrumentals to keep the pace from ever slowing down. Her wild and animated drum ‘solo’ was worth the price of admission alone.

By the time her closing song, ‘Matches,’ played, it felt like Rozes was just getting started, and very few, if any, would’ve minded if she stayed on for another hour. With her enthusiasm, drive, and continued success, pretty soon Rozes will be headlining her own sold out shows around the world. Get tickets while you still can.

Rozes will be continuing her tour with Max around the country in weeks to come. Visit her official website for tour dates and ticket information.

Written by Sam

Sam is the Managing Editor of POParazzi. He works primarily in Washington, DC. You can contact him at

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