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Listen: Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea – ‘Booty’ Remix

bootyJennifer Lopez has called upon Iggy Azalea to sprinkle her gold dust on J Lo’s latest single, ‘Booty’. The track is a club banger, although undoubtedly not as viral as Nicki Minaj’s ode to booties, ‘Anaconda‘.  Perhaps the song will gain some momentum after the music video for it is released. You can watch a teaser of the Booty Remix video that Iggy Azalea posted on her Instagram here.

The remix is infectious, and J Lo sounds as great as ever, but my only gripe with the track is that the hook, ‘Big, big booty /  What you got a big booty’ sounds less like J Lo’s signature style and more like it could be any other artist singing the track. On the verses, though, J Lo is in her element, and the song is better for it. The lyrics alone are rather un-personable, so it’s Jennifer’s flavor and charm that makes the track great and memorable.

Iggy’s verse is rapid-fire, as expected. Also in typical Iggy style, her lyrics are clever and witty. Jennifer was smart to recruit Iggy to lend her voice to ‘Booty’; tracks like this are in Iggy’s wheelhouse, and she manages to shine, sharing the spotlight with J Lo. It wouldn’t have hurt if Iggy’s verse was longer, as it’s an obvious step up from Pittbull’s feature on the original track. My only concern is that Iggy will hopefully go forward choosing to do remixes and collaborations carefully. J Lo is a great choice for Iggy to work with, obviously, but I just hope Iggy doesn’t go down the same route as Pittbull, being on every feature imaginable that the public just loses interest.

‘Booty’ isn’t the first time Jennifer Lopez has teamed up with Iggy on a track. Azalea is featured on ‘Acting Like That’ off J Lo’s latest album, AKA. Listen to that track here.

Jennifer Lopez’s album AKA is out now. You can buy AKA on iTunes. You can follow JLo on Twitter, @JLo, Iggy @IggyAzalea, and don’t forget to follow Poparazzi – @PoparazziORG for the latest music news on your twitter feed!

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