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Listen: Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson – ‘Home to Mama’

Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson - Home to MamaJustin Bieber and Cody Simpson have released their first song together, ‘Home to Mama’ exclusively on the new app, Fahlo. Eager to hear the song? Click here to listen to it.

‘Home to Mama’ is a slow jam, and Cody’s voice works well with Justin’s. The song finds Bieber and Simpson singing about loving a girl so much they’d take her ‘Home to Mama’. It may be a typical love song, but its lyrics are original and catchy. It’s also refreshing to hear Bieber singing about simply love, rather than swaggy and the other assortment of things that seemed to accompany his awkward rebellious teenage phase.

My only gripe with ‘Home to Mama’ is that it sounds unfinished. It very well could be a rough cut of the track that Justin and Cody were too eager to wait to release it to fans, but at times simple things detract from the song’s goodness. A few times during the song, the mic gets muffled or there’s otherwise distracting noise that should have been edited out or re-recorded to eliminate. It’s not that noticeable, but still distracting nonetheless.

Bieber and Simpson’s duet was surprisingly good, and ‘Home to Mama’ will hopefully be the beginning of future collaborations between the two. Both the boys surely have very busy and demanding schedules, so perhaps in the future they can record more music that has potential for a wide release rather than simply a ‘Fahlo exclusive’.

Have you heard ‘Home to Mama’ on Fahlo? What are your thoughts on Justin and Cody’s collab? Leave a comment below!

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