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Natalia Kills’ Rihanna Collaboration & New Album Details


Natalia Kills took to Twitter today and answered fans’ questions, spilling some long awaited information about her upcoming album and a potential collaboration with Rihanna!

In the series of tweets, Natalia revealed her new music “sounds like what drugs feel like” and sonically it’s “darker, harder, not as pop but […] more memorable.” One of the new songs is called ‘Straight Jacket‘, and Natalia feels her whole life was made for this record. Impressive – and probably a good chance this will be a single!

Natalia confirmed rumors of a Rihanna collaboration but gave no more details. One thing’s certain though, it won’t be on Natalia’s next record – she’s not having any collaborations. And those that feared Natalia’s highly publicized X Factor Drama would be the death knell of her career need not worry – it’s had quite the opposite effect. She’s spent the past few weeks writing for some of the biggest names in pop, saying the X Factor debacle has changed things overnight.

She then signed off Twitter, promising to be back soon…but we honestly wouldn’t mind if she takes as long of a break as needed if the music is half as amazing as it sounds!

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