Swedish alt-pop star RAINDEAR showcases new album with single ‘Your Vibe’

Sophomore Album ‘Skies To My Name’ releases with dark feminist anthem, ‘Your Vibe’

Following on from her recently released cut ‘Grace’ earlier this month, Stockholm-based artist and producer Rebecca Bergcrantz aka RAINDEAR now looks to showcase her eagerly awaited sophomore album Skies To My Name with a much darker offering in the form of single ‘Your Vibe’.

While ‘Grace’ saw her continue her fresh and euphoric approach to production, ‘Your Vibe’ looks to channel a more pulsing and atmospheric direction. With its throbbing bassline and ethereal vocal harmonies, this new release not only adds a wider range to her growing catalogue but also highlights the dexterity within her sound as she looks to expand further out of her comfort zone.

Speaking about her latest offering, she added, “’Your Vibe’ is probably my most monumental and dramatic song to date. It’s a dark feminist anthem where I/we (sometimes refer[ring] to me and my army) sing about how we’ve had it and how we will collectively jump from a bridge if no one can take us seriously soon. This is all metaphorically obviously but the anger is real. However I don’t really like to make pure angry music, it’s always with a touch of euphoria and excitement cause movements are complex and so is life.”

Listen to ‘Your Vibe’ below and check out the full album on Spotify.

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