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Listen: Iggy Azalea – ‘Iggy SZN’ from Reclassified

Iggy Azalea released ‘Iggy SZN’ from her upcoming re-issue of The New ClassicReclassified. The album is set to be released in November, with pre-orders starting tomorrow (Oct. 24). ‘Iggy SZN’ gives us Iggy at her most boastful, bragging that ‘Down payment on a car? I dropped that on a Birkin!’ She’s also got a message for her haters: ‘Bitches gonna hate while the critics critique/I pay them no mind whenever they speak/What they make a year, I could make in a week/I know you can’t stand it, just get you a seat.’ Iggy’s rap on the track is reminiscent of some of her best work, like ‘Beat Down’ and ‘Pu$$y.’ ‘Iggy SZN’ is Ratchet Iggy, in all the right ways.

As for the layers of the track, they’re fairly simple. Handclaps, bass, synth and Iggy’s fire vocals. The track is catchy and fun, and one thing’s for sure: It definitely is Iggy season. While the track is infectious and nice display of Iggy’s rap talents, it features no guest vocalists, which seems to be when Azalea is at her most radio-friendly. ‘Iggy SZN’ may end up being a bit of a jewel prized by Iggy’s true Azaleans, a track that the public won’t make much notice of if it doesn’t become a single.

The first new release from Reclassified is the single ‘Beg For It’, featuring Mo, which has yet to surface online. If it’s as good as ‘Iggy SZN’ and the already released songs on Reclassified‘s tracklist, it’ll surely be a tune the public will devour. Iggy’s star is continuing to rise, and despite some bumps along the way that she’s had no control over, she seems to have the chops and confidence needed to make it big. Here’s hoping she keeps it real all the way to selling out arenas worldwide.

Listen to ‘Iggy SZN’ above, and check out the tracklist for Reclassified below. New tracks are italicized.

1. We in This Bitch
2. Work
3. Change Your Life
4. Beg for It (feat. Mø)
5. Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora)
6. Trouble (feat. Jennifer Hudson)
7. Don’t Need Y’all
8. Rolex
9. Iggy SZN
10. Fancy (feat. Charli XCX)
11. Heavy Crown (feat. Ellie Goulding)
12. Bounce

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