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Marina and the Diamonds – ‘FROOT’ Music Video

Good things come to those who wait, but I ain’t in a patient phase. Marina certainly isn’t patient these days, and with so much good music in her hands, it’s easy to see why not. A day after releasing the tracklisting and more information for her upcoming album Froot, Marina surprised her diamonds with the music video for the lead single and title track. In the clip, she looks as gorgeous as ever. What is making Marina’s Froot era so exciting is the fact she appears to be returning to her roots, like I prayed she would in my review of The Family Jewels after Electra Heart was released. The video for ‘Froot’ is simple and effective; Marina doesn’t really need a gimmick; her music and uniquness are her selling point.

If you are a new Marina fan and haven’t heard The Family Jewels, you’re missing out on a pop masterpiece. Electra Heart gave Marina the fame she is very deserving of, and it is exciting to see what she can do now with even more power going forward. Both TFJ and Electra are great in their own right, and if the rest of Froot is anything like them (or even the delicious blend of both that the title track appears to be), fans are in for a great treat.

Can’t wait ’til next year to hear Froot? Marina can’t wait for fans to hear it either, and she’ll be releasing a ‘Froot of the Month’. Fans will get to hear six tracks before the release of the album for free when they pre-order on iTunes, or Amazon, and of course, her official store. If you’re eager to hear the Froot of the Month and like physical records, be sure to purchase your CD via Amazon or Marina’s store; you’ll get your hands on the pre-release tracks for free as well!

What are your thoughts of Marina’s music video for Froot and the upcoming album? Leave a comment below!

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